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Some Interesting Facts about Different Types of USB

USB cords greatly influence your life, and it is possible to charge or your devices using them. Despite it being that the USB type that you buy has an impact in your life, most people don’t know much about them. In this article, you will read more about the top facts about USB types that you should know about.

You should know that one of the top facts about USB types is that they have evolved and will keep on evolving. As USB cables continue to evolve, you might find that wireless charging might be introduced, but it will not bring the end of USB cables. Another top fact about USB types is that they are usually differentiated by numbers. The number on the USB cable will provide you with information about its technical specifications. The first USB type is the USB 1.0 which debuted in 1996 and was very useful in helping companies to connect their devices with their computers. Early 2000, the USB 2.0 came into being and provided higher transfers speeds, and it also provided the ability to charge devices. This also led to the emergence of cell phones.

Another interesting fact about USB cables is that the USB 3.0 debuted in the year 2008 and is what you consider to be modern USB cables and provide you with higher bids and more output of power. Presently, the USB 3.1 has also debuted and provides bi-directional power which means that it can charge both of the connected devices. The other top fact about USB types is that every USB has a letter which corresponds to a different type of connector. The USB type A was the first USB connector that was made available and it is probably the one you’re using.

Another USB type that you should know about is the USB type B connector which debuted with the USB 1.0 but is not very popular. Other USB cables that are used in the modern world are the USB type C cables that are faster though they are small connectors. You will also find that there are USB many and micro cables and from your observation, you will realize that they are smaller than the typical USB connectors. Since most phones are being designed to be smaller, this has caused the micro USB to become the standard. If you want to find other interesting reads about the top facts about different types of USB, click here.

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